Assisting Local and Out-of-State Truckers with Overweight and Log Book Violations

In the past, citations for trucking violations could be reduced to non-reportable violations or violations that did not add points to a truckers commercial drivers license (CDL). That is no longer the case. Each violation, including nonmoving violations, is assigned a severity level which will add points to a CDL. Therefore, it is more important than ever for a trucker to contact a lawyer promptly after receiving a citation of any kind, moving or nonmoving, including overweight truck violations.

I am Douglas J. Wells, a Greenwich attorney who defends against trucking violations. Truckers operating in Connecticut know that I am a valuable ally who will work hard to help them protect their livelihoods.

Skilled Representation for All Trucking Citations

Skilled Representation for All Trucking Citations

Regulations set forth by the Department of Transportation affect all drivers with CDLs in the United States. The only way to avoid points after receiving a citation is to get the citation dismissed, have adjudication withheld or to get the prosecutor to drop the charges. With nearly 40 years of legal experience I have helped all CDL holders, from commercial vehicle drivers to interstate big rig operators, fight against all types of alleged violations, including:

  • Operating a vehicle without holding a CDL
  • Operating a vehicle under an expired or suspended CDL
  • Operating a commercial vehicle in Connecticut without a required permit
  • Operating a vehicle without required reflectors and/or working lights
  • Trucking log violations
  • Speeding, illegal lane changes or reckless driving
  • Overweight trucks
  • Non-operating recording devices or black boxes
  • Failure to complete a pre-trip inspection

I can appear on your behalf at any required court appearances and seek a favorable outcome on your behalf. You may not have to personally return to Connecticut for a court appearance. You can be assured that your case will be handled quickly and that I will represent your best interests.

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