What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do?

Attorney Wells primarily represents homebuyers in the Greenwich, CT area

Real estate transactions involve confusing legal jargon and numerous contracts. If you want to be sure your best interests are being protected, consult a trusted real estate attorney in Greenwich, CT. The Law Office of Douglas J. Wells has been representing homebuyers like you for years.

Attorney Wells can...

  • Explain and negotiate terms in real estate contracts
  • Review your mortgage information with you
  • Perform a title search
  • Prepare closing documents
  • Complete various administrative tasks
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If you're selling a home in the Greenwich, CT area, you'll need to retain a real estate attorney to prepare the sale contract. It's also a smart idea to ask questions about any legal terms you don't understand.

Attorney Wells is standing by to assist you with anything related to real estate law. Call 203-622-4455 now to speak with him about your home sale.