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When your truck passed through a Connecticut weigh station, did you receive a citation for having an overweight truck?

Every year, more than $1 million in fines is collected as a result of overweight truck violations logged at Connecticut weigh stations. This practice may bring revenue to the state and provide incentives for truckers to pay attention to weight requirements. However, an overweight trucking citation may also put your commercial drivers license (CDL) at risk.

Helping Connecticut Residents and Out-of-State Truckers Avoid CDL Points

Helping Connecticut Residents and Out-of-State Truckers Avoid CDL Points

In the past, an overweight truck violation would have resulted in a fine and an inconvenience. Now, an overweight truck violation can mean much more. If you are found guilty, points will be added to your CDL. Your ability to continue making a living as a commercial truck driver may be put at risk unnecessarily if you accumulate too many points.

Thats the bad news.

The good news is that you can hire a lawyer to appear in court on your behalf without having to return to Connecticut. I am Douglas J. Wells, an experienced Greenwich defense attorney who can fight your citation while you continue to make a living driving your truck within the state or across the country. I will explain the process by which we can fight your citation and protect your commercial truck driving privileges.

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