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Federal regulations require you to know what is in your truck, where you are going and when, and how you plan on getting there. Your truckers log should contain all of this information and more. You may have been cited with a trucking log violation after an accident, at a weigh station or under any other circumstances involving law enforcement. Conviction for an alleged violation may add points to your commercial drivers license (CDL), putting your ability to continue to operate a truck at risk.

I am Douglas J. Wells, a Greenwich defense attorney who is committed to protecting the livelihoods of truckers who have received citations while traveling through Connecticut. If you have received any type of citation while behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle get experienced legal representation right away.

Vigorous Defense Against All Log Violations

Vigorous Defense Against All Log Violations

I understand that you are under pressure to travel as many miles as you can in as short a time frame as you can accomplish. I know that you have been trained in the importance of completing all required entries in your logbook. However, I understand that it is easy to omit steps or to fall behind. I also know that the information in your log book may not reflect the reality of your actual trucking activities.

I can help provide a vigorous defense against all alleged trucking log violations, including:

  • Failure to meet requirement for recording daily miles traveled
  • Failure to list carrier name in duty status records
  • Failure to list starting time in duty status records
  • False report of drivers record of duty status
  • Failure to include shipping document numbers in duty status records
  • Failure to list co-driver in duty status records
  • Failure to complete duty status record legibly, in drivers own handwriting
  • Failure to include start date for the beginning of a 24-hour period in duty status records
  • Failure to include total mileage driven during the 24-hour period in duty status records
  • Failure to submit record of duty status within 13 days
  • Failure to retain previous 7 days log
  • Lack of pre-trip inspection report
Any drivers log violation or any other type of violation, such as an overweight truck violation, is a reason to contact a lawyer. I represent both Connecticut residents and truck drivers who live out of state.

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