Defending Those Against Domestic Violence Changes in Greenwich, New Canaan, and Fairfield County

When a disagreement between family members or loved ones turns into a physical confrontation and someone calls the police, a domestic violence charge is likely to follow. A domestic abuse charge can cause serious problems in all aspects of your life. For example, if a restraining order is taken out against you, you may be barred from having any contact with your accuser. You may be forced out of your own home. If you own firearms, you may have to surrender them to the police.

With everything at stake, it is important to hire legal counsel who understands how to protect your rights in the face of these charges. I am Douglas J. Wells, a Greenwich lawyer who defends against domestic violence charges. With more than 35 years of legal experience, I have helped many people accused of this serious crime achieve positive outcomes.

Helping to Reach a Favorable Resolution

Helping to Reach a Favorable Resolution

Depending on the nature of the accusation, there may be alternatives available to help you avoid a criminal conviction. For example, Connecticut has a domestic violence docket for qualifying defendants.

This alternative involves court supervision and compliance with court-ordered requirements. If you obey the court orders, your charges will often be dealt with favorably. If this is an option, I will work with the prosecutor and the court to help you gain access to this program. My only consideration in each case is achieving the best possible result, whether it is the domestic violence docket, a dismissal or reduction of the charges, or another alternative.

Divorce and Spousal Abuse Accusations

When spouses are in the middle of a divorce, or are considering a divorce, it is not uncommon for one spouse to make claims of threats or abuse. In these cases, I can combine my family law experience with my experience as a criminal defense attorney to look closely at the facts of your case. My goal is to help you resolve these accusations in a way that all parties are treated fairly and are protected.

If you have been accused of domestic abuse, it is important to seek legal guidance as soon as possible. Call me locally at 203-622-4455 or complete my online contact form to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.